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    New Year Wishes


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    New Year Wishes

    Post by Alexandre on 2016-01-07, 5:27 pm

    Dear Friends,

    Time has ran away faster than I expected since we all came back from Seoul. I hope that each everyone of you has spent happy end of year with your family. I would like to wish you a happy and cheerful new Year full of projects and ideas to share.
    One of my "resolution" is to make sure our Brotherhood and website works out. I apologize for not having being connected these last few days. Brittany is France can be considered as one of the most lost place in the world and family took me time to take care of. Nevertheless, from this 7 of January 2016, we may considerer that the website is operational.
    I asked FX " our dear Website" how to publish papers and essay on the BOS. Here are the steps you must follow in order to do so.

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    I am now living in Lyon, South East of France. I am going to be much more connected now.

    Best Regards to all of you, I looking forward to what you are going to write.


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