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    The loss of French citizenship for French Binational terrorists


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    The loss of French citizenship for French Binational terrorists

    Post by Alexandre

    After the terrorist attacks in Paris on the 13 of November 2015, the French President, François Hollande has decided to propose a Bill condemning French citizen having at least two citizenship to be deprived of their French citizenship if they commit terrorist attacks. Losing a nationality results in the loss of rights and State protection.

    The Bill still needs to be adopted and voted by the Parliament. According to certain statistics, most of the french population would agree to this bill. The thing is, this project of Law arises several problems. According to the Historian Patrick Weil, specialist for immigration and National identity, this law is not a good idea.
    [justify]First of all, this law only concerns the citizen having two citizenship. Indeed, The United Nation Convention on the reduction of statelessness in 1961 and the article 15 of Universal Declaration for Human Rights of 1948 forbid any country to make a citizen being stateless. If someone only has the French citizenship the law doesn't work as the person would become stateless.
    That is why, the project of law only aims binational citizen. Doing so, there is breach of equality between citizen which is against the values and the Constitution of France. Moreover, there is a risk of stigmatization, as the binational citizen are for most of them from immigration generations. This idea goes against the First article of our Constitution "France is an indivisible Republic".
    Such a measure, divides the population between "pure French people" and " half-blood one", if I may say. Despite this argument, Constitutional Council in charge of protecting Constitution, has agreed last Friday, that this law wouldn't create a breach of equality as soon as we fight terrorism.

    The second point is: the first time we saw such a measure be taken in France was, in 1848 about the slavery. Anyone maintaining someone in a state of slavery, would lose his/her citizenship. But, time has passed since 1848, and the real question I ask is: " is such a measure efficient?" In my opinion, this is a good example of populism as to pretend Government takes measures to fight against terrorism.

    The thing is, such a law is useless. First of all, the person losing the French citizenship could be sent back to his native country. It would mean a loss of control and of track of him especially if he is sent back to a puppet state. We would lose the control of the situation.
    Second of all, can we really think, "losing his/her citizenship will dissuade the terrorist from committing his/her attacks??

    Once again, people are wasting time discussing about a law, debating without asking the good question: " is it going to help fighting against terrorism", "is it going to be efficient". Maybe there are better ideas to propose?

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